Third-party logistics companies are designed to help make other
businesses more efficient, effective, and profitable.

  • They manage inventory, handle picking and packing, and ship
    products from one location to another as quickly as possible.
  • In the medical industry, lives are literally on the line when it comes to
    devices and samples moving from one place to another. Many of
    these items must be shipped carefully to prevent breakage or spilling,
    and some need careful temperature and humidity control.
    A 3PL has the experience shipping fragile items to avoid damage while
    maintaining speed of delivery.
  • Much like the medical industry, the pharmaceutical industry relies on
    expedited shipping that can also meet the need for protecting the
    integrity of the product being shipped.
  • Moving shipments of insulin or other refrigerated medication requires
    strict temperature control throughout the entire process, and the
    trucks available to 3PLs provide notification in the event of a problem
    with the cooling capabilities of the truck.